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滋賀県 野洲(Yasu)エリア


Three ride plans are available to suit a variety of purposes: commuting, business use, sightseeing, etc.

  • Monthly Premium Ride

    初乗り12時間*までどの自転車でも何度でも乗り放題! 12時間以降の利用は30分ごとに110円が加算されます。 *12 時間 = キャンペーン中

    ・1ヶ月 (1,650円)
    ・6ヶ月 (6,600円)
    ・12カ月 (11,000円)

    Unlimited 12hours* rides on a PiPPA bike.If you keep a bike out for longer than 12 hours at a time, regardless of the type, it's 110 yen per 30 minutes. 12 hours*=under campaign

  • Single Ride


    You can use a PiPPA bike for 1.1yen (incl. tax) per minute.

  • Day Pass Ride


    ・ 4時間 (550円)
    ・12時間 (1,100円)
    ・72時間/3日間 (2,200円)


    You can ride any PiPPA bike as many times as you want within the plan time!
    Plan Time: 4 hours / 12-hours / 72 hours(3days) period on a PiPPA bike.