About Us

Promoting a service that aims to coexist with the community at touchpoints through shared mobility from Kyoto, creating vibrancy in the town while being environmentally friendly.

The shared mobility service “Share Cycle PiPPA,” which utilizes smart locks based on IoT technology operated by Clew, has been operating in the Kyoto area since June 2018. In collaboration with Kyoto City Urban Development Corporation and Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd., it has become the largest shared cycling service in the area. The service aims to complement public transportation as a last-mile mobility service by installing ports in commercial facilities, schools, government facilities, accommodations, office buildings, rental apartments, and shrines and temples in partnership with various organizations. Clew, which took over the service in the Kyoto area from the former operating company, Ocean Blue Smart Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Itabashi-ku, Tokyo), has been operating the service since March 2022 through a business transfer.

Regarding the logo,


To express that we are a mobility company that provides various modes of transportation, including bike-sharing, we designed our company name motif based on the essential “tire” of mobility. The center line of “E” and “W” represents the sense of speed and elevation as a mobility company and service. The word “Clew” has meanings such as “connection” and “thread,” and we incorporated the image of “connecting what exists at each point with mobility services like weaving threads to expand people’s living sphere.” The logo design represents the strength, tenacity, and logical approach of the company, as well as the sense of security and stability as a service, achieving our slogan of “Ride Beyond – Expanding people’s living sphere through mobility services.